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COVID-19 Series: Legal Issues With Distance Learning

In this episode, Brent speaks with OSDE's Office of Legal Services General Counsel Brad Clark. They discuss various legal questions surrounding distance learning that the State Department has received: equity, special education, CPR requirements, privacy issues using Zoom and students, support employee pay, etc.

COVID-19 Series: ELL and Distance Learning

In this episode, Brent talks with OKCPS Title III ELL Instructional Facilitator Diana Dawson about strategies to use in distance learning with English language learners. Solutions they discussed include newcomer and shelter packets and a whole variety of online resources.

COVID-19 Series: Lessons Learned From an Educator & Parent

In this episode, Brent talks with Marilyn Doerfel, who homeschooled 5 of her 7 children, including our colleague Jordan Doerfel! She also has experience in teaching students through a blended model, so we picked her brain of what to do and what not to do when it comes to distance learning.

Sabari Raja - Co-founder and CEO, Nepris

In this episode, Brent talked with Sabari about her own educational experience and then how she came to co-create Nepris, a website that connects educators with a vast network of industry professionals to engage students in their learning and prepare them for their future.

Washington PS & College Counseling

In this episode, Brent speaks with Washington PS Superintendent Chris Reynolds and founder of The Program: College Consulting, Deanna Akin, about how the two have been working together to help students navigate the process of preparing for college. Made more difficult during COVID-19, Deanna has been supporting the district's counselors and students on how to stay on top of all the necessary steps leading up to their first year of college.

Kyle Reynolds - Superintendent, Woodward PS

In this episode, Brent speaks with Kyle Reynolds about the struggles and successes Woodward PS has experienced during the COVID-19 distance learning period, their lessons learned and their plans moving forward.

Brandi Green - High School Math Teacher, Sharon-Mutual Public Schools

In this episode, Brent talks with Brandi about how Sharon-Mutual PS handled distance learning during COVID-19. As a 1-to-1 Chromebook district, they were already using many personalized learning technology tools that made the transition a little easier. She gives several recommendations on what helped her.

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