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Rebecca Fine - Education Policy Analyst and KIDS COUNT Coordinator, OK Policy

In this episode Jason Mack and OPSRC Policy Director Jacque Walsh talk with Rebecca about Oklahoma's current legislative session and active education bills.

TSET Healthy Incentive Grants for Schools

TSET's Director of Public Information & Outreach Thomas Larson and Healthy Incentive Grants (Schools) Program Manager Sharon Howard speak about their work to help schools and programs beyond.

Representative Jacob Rosecrants - Oklahoma House of Representatives, District 46

In this episode, Jason Mack talks with Rep. Rosecrants about his play-based learning initiative (HB 2794). Rep. Rosecrants also gives an update on the upcoming legislative session, including bills that are being proposed to address education in our state.

Emily Burris - Founder & Executive Director, Operation Engagement

In this episode, Jason Mack talks with Emily about Operation Engagement. They also discuss her other role of being an instructional specialist with Yukon Public Schools. Operation Engagement began as a passion project to get students excited about learning and help teachers make their classrooms fun places by using special kits Emily and her staff have created that teachers can use for free!

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