COVID-19 Series: Mental Health & Wellness

We talked with counselors and school leaders who shared resources for coping during a time of anxiety & uncertainty.
Guests included:
  • DeWayne Hampton, Assistant Principal, McAlester High School
  • Joe Hughes, Assistant Principal, Harding Charter Prep
  • Tiffany Briggs, High School Counselor, Harding Charter Prep
  • Trina House, Licensed Professional Counselor
  • DeShaun Thornton, Licensed Professional Counselor

  • National Crisis 24-Hour Hotline: Text "home" to 741-741
  • Pivot is a non-profit in OKC that provides counseling and behavioral support
  • They have a stress management tool focused on the pandemic
  • Beth Whittle at the State Department of Education sends out newsletters with resources that schools can post. Sign up here. 
    • Beth also compiled a list of mental health resources for students and families. Download here.

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